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Aviation School

aviation school

The Aviation School, for Scouts over 12, is run every year and gives attendees the chance to both fly a plane, and learn about the aviation industry. It gives attendees a unique insight into the basics of flight and is a useful stepping stone for those interested in all aspects of aviation.

Our National Aviation School is run by real pilots and real engineers … and you get to fly with just you and an instructor!  Based in Manawatu, young people enjoy a week of learning and hands-on tasks – including flying an aircraft with the opportunity of further flying in a microlight and glider. 

Cost: Approx. $450 – $480 (including the deposit of $120.) Plus additional flying costs up to a maximum of $250.

Next School: The next Aviation School will be held 9th – 16th April 2023 (first week of the School Holidays).

Open to Scouts aged 12+ years.

If you have an enquiry, please send an email to [email protected].

WOW, Aviation School is now FULL for Scouts with a Waiting List. 
However there is space for a few more leaders wanting to do their Air Charge Certificate but learning alongside the Youth.  No cost except getting there and back, and includes a free trial flight in a Light Aircraft.