Aviation School

aviation school

The Aviation School, for Scouts over 12, is run every year and gives attendees the chance to both fly a plane, and learn about the aviation industry. It gives attendees a unique insight into the basics of flight and is a useful stepping stone for those interested in all aspects of aviation.

Our National Aviation School is run by real pilots and real engineers … and you get to fly with just you and an instructor!  Based in Manawatu, young people enjoy a week of learning and hands-on tasks – including flying an aircraft with the opportunity of further flying in a microlight and glider. 

Cost: $420 (provisional – may be changed) with deposit of $120. Plus additional flying costs up to a maximum of $250.

Next School:  17th – 25th April 2021 (School Holidays)

Open to Scouts aged 12+ years.

If you have an enquiry, please send an email to aviation@scouts.nz.

With Aviation School 2020 being cancelled due to COVID-19, youth and adults who were accepted but were unable to attend will be given preference when applying in 2021.
It is likely this will fill the 42 spaces in the school – which is the absolute maximum for our venue, visits and programme. 
We know many will be disappointed but this is the fairest option.