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Canoe school 2023

Held over the summer break, we had another hugely successful Canoe School this year. 16 Scouts and Venturers, plus four adults, spent a week paddling the Whanganui River (approximately 125kms!). There was a lot of rapids to navigate, most of which were easy, but the last day proved to be a bit of a challenge, putting everyone’s skills to the test.

Canoe School is more than just paddling though, with students getting to camp overnight at a number of campsites along the river. The only contact with the outside world was the (very) brief evening satellite call back to base to confirm everything was going to plan. Attendees also learnt a lot about the amazing history of the river and a number of the settlements. They were also fortunate enough to participate in a whakatau and a pōwhiri.

The scenery was phenomenal and the weather was lovely! The trip was physically and mentally demanding but ultimately very rewarding. It ended with a presentation and a lunch at the Matapuna Scout Hall in Taumarunui. 

BRAVO to all attendees and everyone who made this trip possible. A special shout out to Canoe School Director Malcolm Parker who was presented with a Silver Tui Award for his hard work and dedication to Scouts over the last 45 years!

Canoe School is an annual event.  The next one will be 14th – 20th January 2024, check out the Canoe School page for more information.