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Caving School

caving school

At our National Scout Caving School you will learn skills of working in water, way-finding, rock-climbing and black-water rafting in the awe-inspiring setting of the Waitomo caves.

All learning at Caving School occurs in the natural environment: on water, and in trees and caves.  Students enjoy navigating through passages branching off at crazy angles, hiking to cave entrances and abseiling 80 feet into a cave.

Cost: $350

Next School:  17-22 April 2024

Venue: Hamilton Tomo Group Lodge, Te Anga Road, Waitomo

Applications: Applications have now closed for the 2023 Caving School. Applications for the 2024 Caving School will open at a later date, please keep an eye on this page for updates.

Go to our Facebook page for the latest information on the Caving school, or click here to download the Caving School Information sheet