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Coastal Otago Zone Patrol Camp

Coastal Otago Zone Patrol Camp

Coastal Otago Scout Zone Leaders ran a Patrol Camp for the Scouts from Coastal Otago over the weekend. They had 10 patrols (48 youth) for a windy rainy night of youth lead camping. They had a great time building a dam, abseiling, and listening to a guest speaker from Hunting and Fishing Dunedin. He spoke to the youth about outdoor gear, what’s best to invest your money in, and what you should be looking for in different products.

It was a great nights camp with lots of learning done by the youth for future camps about gear to remember to pack, how to lash tents in less than ideal weather, and how to cook when your gas runs out and you can’t light a fire (ironically this was the same group of youth who bought 6 cookers and only 1 gas canister…. this time they had HEAPS of gas canisters for their cookers but they we almost empty already.)  

The event was a first for the Coastal Otago Scout Zone leaders team. And a great success they already have next year’s booked in!

Photo credit: Sarah Leslie