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International Digital Jamboree 2020

International Digital Jamboree 2020

The International Digital Jamboree (organised by the Korean Scout Association) took place 15 October – 15 November with 300 Scouts worldwide taking part.  Scouts New Zealand had two patrols in attendance with Cubs, Scouts and Venturers from Wellington, Canterbury and Southland tuning in.

Kiwi Scouts 414 badge
The badge the Scouts designed for the event.

The entry fee was a donation to the World Scout Foundation (WSF helps the growth and development of Scouting worldwide by providing financial support for World Scouting).  Andy Smith (National Scout Leader) split their donation between two NSOs.  A donation was made to the Algerian Muslim Scouts to purchase protective clothing for COVID-19, and to Philippine Scouts to provide scouting supplies to local schools.

The Patrols had a number of activities they were set: MacGyver at Home, cooking, mini pioneering, a market, Messengers of Peace dance, and even an International Kahoot!

The highlight for both Patrols was connecting with International Scout Groups; they had online meetings with Groups from Japan, Canada and Poland (pictured above).

Cameron Bealing (a Scout with 1st Waterloo Scout Group, Wellington) shares his International Digital Jamboree experience.

‘International digital jamboree was fun to partake in. Over the 4 weeks, we took part in challenges, doing scouting things that other countries can’t do because of lockdown, in our own homes! We entertained ourselves by setting up campsites in our rooms, doing some camp cooking in our kitchens, even making art and crafty not-so-warm house friendly campfires. But by far the best part of this incredible experience is meeting other groups. It is incredible to think that I’ve talked to Scouts from all over the world! It was an amazing experience talking to scouts from Japan and Canada, to learn what Scouts was like over there. It is fascinating to think that something that we do here in New Zealand, on a weekly basis, is also done on the other side of the world. It was simply brilliant talking to foreign scouts and learning about what they do, and their cultures.  If given the opportunity, I would absolutely take up this opportunity again’.