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Mudslide Day

Mudslide Day in Christchurch

That’s right.  Mudslide day. If you are wondering what on earth mudslide day is, it’s exactly as the name suggests.  Every year Scout Groups across the country set aside a day to go sliding down wet soapy hillsides into puddles of muddy water.  Why would we do such a thing one might ask? It’s a lot of fun! It’s also a great activity that the public can join in on so they can get a taste of just how awesome scouting is!   Each group or region puts their own spin on things so no two mudslides are the same. One mudslide event might have mud pits created by diggers, another might have a carefully constructed tower to slide down and the next one might have a very muddy obstacle course to crawl through.  Make sure to bring old sneakers and a towel and don’t expect a hot shower, you’ll have to get under a cold hose before getting back in the car.  

It was another successful year this year with good crowds, lots of mud and plenty of happy albeit dirty faces.  There were a few tears from one youth member but when he was asked why he was crying he replied he didn’t want to get clean!  

If you missed out this year, make sure you check it out next year, they usually coincide with Founder’s Weekend in February but check with your local group closer to the time.