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Rover Moot 2023

Over Easter, Rovers in NZ as well as a contingent from Australia came together on the West Coast for their annual Moot!

It was absolutely amazing, a big BRAVO to the MOC who ran a phenomenal Moot.

Congratulations to those who won awards:

BP Shield – Deans Rovers
Zulu Shield – Eastman Rovers
NRF challenge – Victoria Rovers
Helen Thomas – Abigail Clennell, Victoria Rovers
Eastman Shield – Owen Parker-Lee, WBOP Rovers
Fergus McClaren Banner – Bays Rovers
Macho – Bounty Rovers
Nymph – Deans Rovers
Best dressed – West West Rovers
Tug of War Men’s – Bounty Rovers
Tug of War Women’s – Australia + Raani
Tug of War Mixed – Bays Rovers
Shooting Trophy – Team Huddle (Victoria, Deans, Waikato, Australia mix)
Cross country Men’s Individual – Evan Carter, Victoria Rovers
Cross Country Men’s Team – Victoria Rovers
Cross Country Women’s Individual – Skyla Jamison, Bays Rovers
Cross Country Women’s Team – Deans Rovers

And a big congratulations to those Rovers who received their BP Award

Grace Selby – Valley Rovers
Caitlin Hickey – Deans Rovers
Jasmine Casidy – Victoria Rovers
Emily Blow – MOC Chair, Deans Rovers