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Scout Scarf Day Resources 2020

Scarf Day resources 2020

It’s almost that time of the year again where we wear our Scout Scarf to work or school for the day (or wherever else we might be headed!)

This is a great way to show our Scout pride and to let others know how awesome Scouting is!

Traditionally celebrated on August 1st, this year we will be observing Scarf Day on Monday 3rd August. (The Scarf Day badge this year will still say August 1 as that is the official date).

Please see below for 2020 Scarf Day resources. There will also be a competition running with 3x $100 Macpac vouchers up for grabs.

Scout Scarf Day 2020 Certificate

Scout Scarf Day 2020 Competition Poster

Scout Scarf Day 2020 Employer and School Letters

Scout Scarf Day 2020 Workplace and School Posters

Scout Scarf Day 2020 School Poster – Cartoon

Scarf Day Competition Poster Printer Friendly

Scarf Day School Poster Cartoon Printer Friendly

Scarf Day Work Poster Printer Friendly