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Scouts New Zealand launches “Scouting from Home” for all New Zealand families

A weekly programme of activities for young people

Wellington: 2 April 2020. Scouts New Zealand today launched its “Scouting from Home” programme
and a website where families looking for activities for their young people during the Level 4 alert can
sign up. The programme is open to all New Zealand families.

Scouts New Zealand Programme Manager John Williams said, “The service is like a weekly food
delivery service. Every week, a programme of activities will be delivered to everyone who signs up.”

There are three streams of activity – personal, adventure and community – and three levels of
difficulty – basic, moderate and advanced. Activities include, for example, learning the New Zealand
Sign Language and identifying ways to keep in contact with your community.

“There will be something in the programme for young people of all ages and abilities”, said Mr
Williams, “And anyone with young people at home who need something to do is welcome to join us.”
Initial feedback from parents of Scouts who have been involved to date is enormously positive.

“One mother told us that the programme ‘has transformed my daughter. She has had a week of
everything she loves being cancelled and has been feeling pretty sad. This email, with an exciting
programme has lifted her spirits tremendously (and I’m pretty happy too!),’”said Mr Williams.
There are more than 12,000 members in SCOUTS New Zealand, and over 5,000 volunteers. We are
New Zealand’s largest youth organisation and we are growing in strength and numbers.
Sign up for Scouting from Home (scouts.nz/join-scouting-from-home/)

About SCOUTS New Zealand

As New Zealand’s best-known youth organisation, SCOUTS New Zealand offers 12,000 plus young
people a programme full of new adventures, outdoor experiences, personal challenge and leadership
opportunities that will set them on a pathway of lifelong success. Supporting both girls and boys in
almost 400 communities across New Zealand, SCOUTS’ national programme focuses on the
outdoors, community, personal development and new experiences, equipping 5 to 26-year olds with
life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and citizenship, supported by over 5,000
trained and accredited volunteers.

For more information:
John Williams
+64 21 436 456
John.Williams @ Scouts.nz