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Scouts New Zealand runs first virtual Moot for Rovers

120 young people to participate in two-day online Moot over Easter

Wellington: 9 April 2020. Scouts New Zealand today announced that over the Easter holiday the 79th
National Rover Moot will be run entirely online. This is the first virtual Moot in the 85-year history of
Rover Moots. Moots first started in New Zealand in 1935.

Scouts New Zealand Project Coordinator Liam Dick said, “It’s a two-day programme of activities that
features over 10 virtual “tours” including a museum tour, a nature art tour, a world tour, “Ready,
Steady, Bake!” and the “Great Indoors”. Other highlights including MOTI Skills for Life Workshops and
a virtual awards ceremony and after party.”

On Saturday night the New Zealand Moot will be joining up with the Australian virtual Moot which is
running at the same time. Liam Dick said, “Potentially we could have more than 300 Rovers online at
the same time!”

The virtual Moot is based around an online guidebook that leads the Rovers through the programme
of activities. At each stage of the event the front page gives them information about what is
happening, where they should be, and what they’re doing.

The second page is the virtual campsite. This is a picture of a campsite where participants can click
on different parts to go to where they need to be. For example, clicking the “Main Stage” will send
them to a YouTube livestream for awards and the opening and closing ceremonies. There are “buses”
which will take them to different meetings for the different activities. There are “tents” which do the
same except for social purposes and there is a “Campfire Circle” that leads to an audio chat

About SCOUTS New Zealand

As New Zealand’s best-known youth organisation, SCOUTS New Zealand offers 12,000 plus young
people a programme full of new adventures, outdoor experiences, personal challenge and leadership
opportunities that will set them on a pathway of lifelong success. Supporting both girls and boys in
almost 400 communities across New Zealand, SCOUTS’ national programme focuses on the
outdoors, community, personal development and new experiences, equipping 5 to 26-year olds with
life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and citizenship, supported by over 5,000
trained and accredited volunteers.
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