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Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School 2021

Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School

This year marks 55 years of Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School.  From 6th – 20th January this year, 70 students aged between 16-19 descended on Matamata and got put through their paces at flying school.  It’s a unique experience with students going on their very first solo flight during this time.  And of course, as is tradition to celebrate this milestone, students get dunked with a bucket of cold water the moment they land by fellow students. Just under a third of Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School’s students go on to work in the aviation sector.  Watch the clip from Newshub below for a behind the scenes look at what happens at WMSFS!

News clip from Newshub who visited the students at Walsh

“With nearly 700 take-offs and landings every day, this Matamata Aerodrome is temporarily New Zealand’s busiest airfield.

And with COVID continuing to wreak havoc on the aviation industry, instructor James Hillson believes Matamata could even be up there with the world’s busiest.” – Newshub

The end of Walsh was celebrated with a dinner and an awards ceremony.

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