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Week 8 Digital Programme Drop

This weeks programme

SCOUTS New Zealand is pleased to announce that the Week 8 Digital Programme is available for families enrolled in scouting. The programme features a nature walk, a care package, and learning New Zealand Sign Language.

Going forward the weekly programme will be released on Saturday mornings. 


Week 9 will feature the JOTI Special Edition that WOSM is hosting. The event is running 3 – 5 April 2020. More information on the JOTI Special Edition is available here: .https://www.scout.org/jotispecialedition 


Week 10 will feature ideas for Easter.


Just because we are moving online doesn’t mean that we can stop thinking about child protection. We recommend you spend time on the netsafe.org.nz website. They have exceptional resources for parents around keeping young people safe online.

Our main Child Protection points for going digital are:

  1. Never let your young person give out personal information in a public digital space. This includes things like your address, telephone number, age, marital status, or financial information. Think carefully about giving out this information in a private online space too.
  2. Our leaders will never engage with young people online 1:1. We recommend that any message of Scout related content should be communicated to an entire small team in one conversation thread. If you need to talk with a young person without the rest of their small team involved we strongly recommend you involve their parents in the conversation.
  3. If you have any cause for concern, please  report your concerns to using the following methods :  
    1. 0508 SCOUTHELP 
    2. report.scouts.nz
    3. Talking to your Section or Group Leader  who can assist you with using our reporting systems.


Scouts has faced numerous pandemics, two world wars, and countless other disruptions. We will take the latest events in our stride and focus on delivering a quality programme for your young people.

In the meantime take care of yourself and your family, wash your hands, keep an eye on your inbox throughout the week and most of all have respect, do what is right, and be positive.

The National Scout Centre Team