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Keeping our Young People Safe

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and protecting all young people requires the constant cooperation of the entire Scouts Aotearoa community and anyone else we involve in our programmes – from bus drivers to flying instructors, to camp cooks.

A ‘Safe from Harm’ culture benefits adults and the Movement as much as it does youth members; adults have an important part to play in always acting beyond reproach.

It Starts with Young People...

Helping our young people understand the difference between what is right and wrong and empowering them to speak up.

Youth Yellow Card

Youth "Yellow" Card

The Youth Card is a resource given to all youth members for them to look to if they ever feel there is something wrong with how someone is behaving at Scouts. The card outlines the things that a youth member should expect of adults and what to do if these expectations are not being met.

Watch the ViDeo

We prepared a short video to help young people understand why we created the Youth Card and how to use it. We recommend taking 5 minutes to watch the video. It is short, it is simple, and it covers all the bases on how to use the card.

It Involves Parents...

The system relies on parents making sure their kids know and understand what the card means and how it should be used. If possible, sit down with your child and go through the information in the video with them to make sure they understand it.

And Our Volunteers.

Our leaders also understand the Youth Card, their responsibilities, and how they should act around young people. As well as this, our Safeguarding card is there to make sure they have resources to fall back on if they ever find themselves unsure of what to do.

We operate a robust Safeguarding System

Supporting our young people, parents, and volunteers is a robust safeguarding system.  Elements of the safeguarding system include:

Police Vetted

Anyone – Kaiarāhi, adult helpers, and parents – who regularly help out or attend an overnight camp are police vetted. This is to ensure that we maintain the highest standard of safety around the young people in our care.

Safety Check

All front line adult volunteers are safety checked in accordance with the Vulnerable Children’s Act. This means checking references and identity for volunteers who have responsibility for young people.

ONline Learning

We have partnered with Pipi Learning to develop three online learning modules covering Child and Youth Safety. We ask our volunteers to complete the online learning modules to ensure everyone has the same understanding of how to keep our young people safe.

Two year Vetting

Scouts Aotearoa rechecks our volunteers, adult helpers, and parents who regularly help or attend overnight camps every two years.  (The Vulnerable Children’s Act requires vetting a minimum of every three years.)

A robust Policy

Scouts Aotearoa has a robust safeguarding policy that details how we keep your young people safe. You can read the full policy here.

International Benchmark

Scouts Aotearoa engaged the Australian Childhood Foundation to benchmark our Safeguarding System. We continue to make improvements to how we keep young people safe.