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E-Scouts Aotearoa Scout Group

E-Scouts Aotearoa

What is Digital Scouting?

Our digital Scout Group is designed to cater to young people who are unable to attend a Scout Group in person due to remote living (Lone Scouts), physical disabilities, mental health conditions, neurodiversity, or any other reason that means this type of environment would make them more comfortable.

our programme

Youth on an outdoors adventure bush walking

E-Scouts meet online on the last Monday of the month from 6.30pm – 7.30pm.   

Youth are sent out a magazine via post once a term with ten weeks of planned activities (it is also emailed to youth and shared in the online group).  On top of that additional challenges and events are posted to the online group for youth to participate in.

Activities might include how to pack a bag efficiently for hikes and camps, themed baking, day walks, creating musical instruments, beach clean ups, and more.  Each activity can be done with other members of your family, at a time that works for you!

For All young People

We welcome rangatahi and tamariki between the ages of 5 to 26.  We are open to young people of all ethnicities and religions. We are the worlds largest non-formal education institution, serving over 13,000 young people all across New Zealand. We organise ourselves around five sections.

Ages 5 to 8


Picture of Keas

Fun, learning and friendship are the cornerstones of the Kea programme. Kea do a little bit of everything: outdoor activities, games, music, and crafts. 

Ages 8 to 11


Picture of Cubs

Challenge and fun are the focus of the Cub programme. Hikes, water activities and weekend camps are some of the fun outdoor adventures that Cubs enjoy.

Ages 11 to 14


Picture of Scouts

Scouts is about gaining valuable leadership skills and self-confidence by doing outdoor adventures like mountain biking, rock climbing, and camping.

Ages 14 to 18


Picture of Venturers

The Venturer programme offers exciting, fun, real-life, hands-on experiences for youth, by taking a step up in leading and running their own activities.

Ages 18 to 26


Picture of Rovers

Rovers run their own programme including regular Regional and National events with a focus on personal development, taking on leadership roles, and giving back to their communities.