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African Rover Moot

Four Rovers attend the moot in Africa pose for a photo. The Rover on the left holds the New Zealand flag.

In April 2023, four Kiwi Rovers attended the 1st African Rover moot in Nairobi Kenya. The moot had participants from over 40 countries and lasted 10 days. The highlight of the program was a trip to Paxtu, where BP spent his final years, and his grave, which looks out on Mt Kenya. We were able to join the Aussies on their pre and post tours through Kenya and Tanzania. Post tour highlight was a 3 day trip to Serengeti national park where the contingent was able to see all of the big five animals of Africa. Thanks Aussies for letting us tag along and the rest of the contingent for being awesome humans. 

Georgie Holdaway, contingent leader.