Scarf Day 2021

On Monday August 2nd, Scouts all over the country participated in Scout Scarf Day. Scarf Day is an annual event where Scouts get to show their Scout pride and increase the public’s awareness of Scouting. Scarves were worn to school, work, mountains, avocado picking, surfing, and more!

Otago Gang Show 2021

Otago Gang Show ran during the school holidays from 13-17 July with a ‘Night of the Museum’ theme. 75 cast members performed in the show that was inspired by the movie Night at the Museum where museum displays come alive at night.

Trinity Pakuranga attend an ANZAC Day ceremony


Sunday 25th marked ANZAC Day and Scouts across New Zealand were out in force to commemorate the event. Some braving rather chilly weather.

Rover Moot 2021

Over Easter Weekend, Rovers celebrated their annual Rover Moot. This year’s Moot was held in Aka Aka and themed Déjà Vu Moot.

Queen’s Scout Ceremony 2021

Last Saturday our Queen’s Scout Ceremony took place at Government House in Wellington. It has been a long wait for recipients as the ceremony had been postponed not once but twice due to changes in Alert Levels.

National Cub Day Tug of War

National Cub Day 2021

Rolling around only once every three years, March 20th marked National Cub Day. The theme of this year’s event was The Great Kiwi Adventure! Cubs across the country participated in Zone/Group events to celebrate being a Cub.