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#CampAtHome Challenge


Helping to break a world record!!!!

William, a Scout from Waiuku Scout Group, spent the month of April camping outside with his brother as part of #CampAtHome

The goal of #CampAtHome was to break a world record and get 65 000 people across the world to camp on the night of 30th April (you can see more info here https://www.campathome.org.uk/ ).

A side challenge to this was to spend the whole month of April Camping which William and his younger brother were ambitious enough to do! 

Here is what William had to say about their camping adventure….

I love camping and that is a big reason I love being a Scout.  We have had so much fun but learnt lots of lessons throughout our challenge.

  1. The easy way isn’t always the best. First off, we decided to pitch the small tent because it was easy…well after the second night we had to admit it was too small and then had to pitch the bigger tent. Would have been better doing the right thing from the start.
  2. Pitch your tent where it is sheltered. Unfortunately, we had some very bad weather and our tent got destroyed one night in a big storm. That meant we had to set up camp inside the house for a couple of nights while we had to sort another tent.
  3.  Your big brother may try to scare you and pretend to be a wild animal…just ignore him. You will be fine!

One of the highlights was inviting our family for dinner at our camp site.  We cooked sausages on the fire and had BBQ marshmallows for dessert.  We had to do everything ourselves and even made some little tables from left over wood in the shed to help us.

If there was one message I would tell all the little kids in NZ, it is that Scouts is fun and give everything a GO!  Trying something is better than never trying at all.