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Rover Moot 2021

Over Easter Weekend, Rovers celebrated their annual Rover Moot.  This year’s Moot was held in Aka Aka and themed Déjà Vu Moot (which is ironic given last years Moot with the same theme was cancelled due to Covid).

It saw Rovers putting in hard mahi at service, helping rejuvenate parts of Aka Aka primary school where the Moot was held, and supporting other parts of the local community. The Moot had Rovers cheering each other on and showing their spirit in shooting trophy, tug of war, and cross country along one of Aotearoa’s beautiful coasts. Tours Day saw Rovers four wheel driving, jet skiing, black water rafting, going to Rainbow’s End and escape rooms, playing role play games, going on an amazing race, and more!

Congratulations to Victoria Rover Crew for achieving the Zulu Shield trophy for running the highest quality and balanced programme. To Eastman Rover Crew for achieving the BP Service Shield for the impact they have made in their community by going above and beyond with their service. And to Braden Longstaff of Valley Rover Crew for achieving the Helen Thomas Memorial Trophy for embodying the values of Rovers and Scouting.