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Scarf Day 2021

On Monday August 2nd, Scouts all over the country participated in Scout Scarf Day.  Scarf Day is an annual event where Scouts get to show their Scout pride and increase the public’s awareness of Scouting.  Scarves were worn to school, work, mountains, avocado picking, surfing, and more!  

Scouts Aotearoa ran a photo competition on the day, members were asked to submit a photo that fell into one of three categories.

1. Random draw

2. Wear your scarf in an interesting location

3. A non human wearing a scarf

Check out the winners below!

Check out some more entries below! You can see the full album here or using #scoutscarfdaynz on Instagram. There were close to 500 entries this year, thank you to everyone who participated.

Scarf Day Badges are available through Scouts Direct.